Certification of State Registration for Chemicals

Any chemicals are subject to registration in the Federal Register of potentially hazardous chemical and biological substances. Issuing the State Registration Certificate is based upon expert opinions of product certification bodies, and on the Information Cards of potentially hazardous biological and chemical substances. This Register is abbreviated as RPOHBV (RF Potentially Hazardous Chemical and Biological Substances Register)

The Information Cards contain a range of information parameters about the substances that describe their properties, conditions of use, purpose of use, hazard classes, toxicity, and so on.

Potentially hazardous substances are any substances of natural or synthetic origin that adversely affect human health in terms of production, use, or transportation, including household conditions. Chemical and biological substances, including parts of mixtures, produced and (or) used in the Russian Federation, and also supplied by imports, shall be subject to state registration.

The State Registration Certificate for these products is issued by the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare (Department of the Ministry of Health).

Almost all the chemicals are currently subject to state registration. The following products are exceptions:

  • Chemical and biological plant protection products;
  • Growth regulators;
  • Pharmaceutical chemicals;
  • Radioactive substances.

You may learn more about Certification of State Registration for Chemicals and ask more questions in any convenient manner. You may call

8 (812) 424-56-52


You may learn more about Certification of State Registration for Chemicals and ask more questions in any convenient manner. You

8 (812) 424-56-52


Assignment of the number of state registration and issuance of the State Registration Certificate are carried out on the basis of an expert opinion of specialists of the Register or, in some cases, of the Advisory Board at the Russian Register and the approval of the Director of the Register.

Stages of Registration of Chemicals

The procedure of registration of chemicals is similar to the issuance of any SRC for other products that require registration and includes the following stages:


A complete set of documents for the products to be registered in the relevant Register of Rospotrebnadzor is submitted.


Experts analyze and evaluate the submitted documents.


The product is registered in the Federal Service.


The State Registration Certificate of the declared products is issued or the issuance is declined.

Upon assignment of the number of state registration, the chemical substance or biological substance is verified to fully meet requirements for protection of the environment and human health. The issued document allows entering the product data to the regulatory and technical documents.

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Certification of State Registration for Chemicals



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