ISO 9001. Quality Management Systems. Requirements

The standard applied for certification of quality management systems is GOST R ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management Systems. Requirements approved by the Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology (Rosstandart) on September 28, and put into effect on November 1, 2015.

GOST R ISO 9000 Family of National Standards of the Russian Federation:

  • GOST R ISO 9000-2015 provides the basic provisions and quality management dictionary.
  • GOST R ISO 9001-2015 specifies requirements for quality management systems and is aimed at increasing customer satisfaction. It does not specify requirements for products/services.
  • GOST R ISO 9004-2009 provides guidance on achieving sustainable success by using an approach based upon quality management.
  • GOST R ISO 90011-2012 provides guidance on auditing quality management systems.

The system is based upon ISO 9000 family of international standards specifying the requirements and standards to product quality management at all the stages of its life cycle. Therewith, not only production processes should be taken into account, but also the procedure of work of the enterprise, its organization form, employment procedure, as well as control over all the processes exercised by managing and governmental bodies.

Any management system using this standard ensures control over qualitative performance both of primary and secondary processes in manufacturing the products of the company. It defines the procedure of production.

Almost every manager implements the basic requirements of the standard in his activities (which makes subsequent obtaining of GOST R ISO Certificate much easier). Namely, in order to develop a successful business you should act as follows:

  • Have a strategic and tactical plan for its development;
  • Be constantly studying the demand at the market segments where the organization is represented;
  • Make every effort to meet the consumer needs;
  • Use several methods of assessing degree of consumer satisfaction and efficiency of the processes within the organization;
  • Be constantly seeking and implementing new forms and methods to improve the quality of products (works performed, services rendered).

You may learn more about ISO 9001 and ask more questions in any convenient manner. You may call

8 (812) 424-56-52


You may learn more about ISO 9001 and ask more questions in any convenient manner. You

8 (812) 424-56-52


The unified scheme of adoption of ISO 9001-2015 requires development of the following issues:

  1. Focus of attention on the customer needs (present and future), desire to meet in full and to anticipate these needs;
  2. The management should create the environment that would inspire maximum involvement of all the employees in the process of achieving the objectives and contributing to solution of the problems faced by the organization;
  3. The fullest involvement of the employees of all the levels of the organization in business processes;
  4. Implementation of the process approach to the problem (resources and related activities should be treated as a single process);
  5. Implementation of the system approach to management;
  6. Continual improvement of all the parameters of activities of the organization should become the most important objective;
  7. Continuous analysis of real information, making management decisions based solely on the facts;
  8. Building of mutually beneficial relations with suppliers.

Despite the fact that registration of GOST R ISO Certificate is voluntary, in some cases consumers demand from the organization that provides the works (services) or produces (or markets) the products to have this Certificate. In particular, the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations demands to have ISO 9001-2015 Certificate from all the organizations willing to deliver their products to the needs of the Ministry of Emergency Situations; Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO) demands this Certificate from construction companies willing to join the SRO; Gazprom and a number of oil companies demand this Certificate from their partner organizations, etc.

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