ISO 14001. Environmental Management System

Environmental management system is a part of the overall management system that includes organizational structure, planning activities, distribution of responsibilities, practices, procedures, processes and resources required for developing, implementing, and achieving objectives of the environmental policy, and also for its revision and updating.

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You may learn more about ISO 14001 and ask more questions in any convenient manner. You

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ISO 14000 series of international standards specify requirements for environmental management systems in order to provide organizations with an instrument to develop environmental policy and to determine the objectives of reducing the environmental impact.

This series of standards defines the procedure of creating environmental management systems in the enterprise. It is one of the most powerful modern international systems, which allows taking all the required environmental protection measures.

In the Russian Federation, ISO 14001 acts as GOST R ISO 14001:2015.

ISO 14001 does not operate with exact quantities and does not specify any absolute requirements for environmental performance of the enterprise. The main requirement is as follows: the company's management should commit to continuously improve environmental efficiency of the enterprise in accordance with their abilities. For this purpose, they should allocate activities of the enterprise to affect the environment and build the system to control these activities.

ISO 14001 Certificate is meant to provide the companies with substantial assistance in implementation of environmental policy aimed at expansion of production and increase of production volumes and, at the same time, at energy saving, reducing raw material cost, and providing environmental safety of the enterprise.

Certification for compliance with ISO 14000 series of standards is often a long, time-consuming and expensive procedure. Besides, it is voluntary. What makes the businesses, which are usually short on qualified personnel and which know how to watch money, undergo this procedure?

Compliance with ISO 14000 is primarily used in order to demonstrate to customers and to the public that the environmental management system complies with modern requirements.

It is increasingly becoming a prerequisite for successful marketing of products in the international markets. Thus, the driving force which makes businesses implement environmental management systems is mainly the need to obtain formal certification.

However, building of the environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001 provides many other advantages:

  • It improves the company's image in fulfillment of environmental requirements;
  • It saves energy and resources, including those allocated to environmental activities, due to more effective management;
  • It increases valuation of assets of the enterprise;
  • It helps to conquer the market of “green” products;
  • It improves the enterprise management system;
  • It provokes interest in attracting highly skilled workforce.

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