Fire safety certification is carried out in accordance with Federal Law No 123-FZ dated July 22, 2008, which approved the Technical Regulations on Fire Safety Requirements. The Regulations have come into force since May 1, 2009. Thereunder, validation of compliance of products with fire safety requirements may be carried out either in the form of the Fire Declaration, or in the form of the Certificate of Compliance. According to the TR, the Fire Certificate may be issued only provided that the requirements for materials of the product, for the product itself, and for residential and non-residential premises where the indicated products will be used, are met.

Since the Regulations have come into force, the Fire Certificates are required not only to market goods on the territory of the Russian Federation, but also at customs clearance of the products. The full list of goods subject to mandatory fire certification on importation is determined by Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation No 241 dated March 17, 2009. As part of the Technical Regulations, Order of the Russian Emergency Ministry No 91 dated 24.02.2009, is issued to regulate fire safety declaration of non-residential facilities.

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You may learn more about Fire Safety Certificate and ask more questions in any convenient manner. You

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The Fire Safety Certificate is a document which verifies compliance of products with the specified safety requirements. In Russia, issuance of the Fire Safety Certificate is based upon sample tests report. Each type of products is subject to its own requirements and methods of certification tests which are described in the relevant GOSTs and Technical Regulations for particular products.

The legislation of the Russian Federation and particularly Technical Regulations on Fire Safety Requirements defines the list of products subject to mandatory fire certification. Fire safety certification of products is carried out to verify their compliance with state fire safety standards.

The Fire Safety Certificate is required in case you use products in the territory of Russia or import them. In the latter case, fire safety certification is carried out in respect of the products that are on the list approved by the RF Government Resolution No 241 dated 17.03.2009. According to this Resolution, the Certificate is required for all the types of cables used in telecommunications, electronics, and electrical engineering products.

Therewith, you may obtain not only mandatory but also voluntary certification provided by Article No 146 of Federal Law No 123 on Technical Regulations and Fire Safety Requirements. In this case, if the products are not on the mandatory list, the customer may obtain the Certificate on a voluntary basis in order to enjoy competitive advantages of the products.

The procedure of voluntary fire safety certification does not differ from mandatory certification, so this Certificate is an official confirmation that the specified products meet the applicable state standards and may be freely used by consumers as intended.

Products Subject to Fire Safety Certification

General groups of products which fall within the scope of the Technical Regulations on fire safety:

  • Primary fire-extinguishing means;
  • Fire equipment (including fire-extinguishers);
  • Fire tools;
  • Firefighter equipment;
  • Mobile fire-extinguishing means;
  • Personal fire protective equipment;
  • Fire rescue equipment;
  • Equipment and products to rescue people in fire;
  • Extinguishing agents, foaming agents;
  • Automatic fire-fighting means;
  • Electrical products;
  • Cable products;
  • Fire protection equipment;
  • Fire resistant construction structures and filling;
  • Engineering equipment for smoke protection systems;
  • Flame-proof and explosion-proof electrical equipment;
  • Elements of automatic fire-extinguishing systems;
  • Textile and leather materials;
  • Firefighter special protective clothing;
  • Construction and finishing materials - fiberglass wallpaper, pirilax, izoltex NG, carpet, laminate, polycarbonate, drywall, styrofoam, penoplex, linoleum, materials of suspended ceilings, sandwich panels, siding, glass magnesium panels (GMP), materials of doors, PVC panels, paint, wallpaper.

List of Documents Submitted for Registration

If the receiver is a Russian company, statutory documents (TIN, PSRN, an extract from the Federal Service of State Statistics (Rosstat)) are required to obtain the mandatory or voluntary Fire Safety Certificate or Fire Safety Declaration. Therewith, declarations may be issued only for Russian applicants. You should indicate the following information:

  1. Name and address of the manufacturer;
  2. HS code of the products;
  3. Products description, technical specifications.

When declaring and drawing up the Certificate for a consignment of products, you should submit shipping documents (contract, dispatch note and invoice). Be sure to submit ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate of the manufacturer, any other foreign certificates for the products which verify their quality, and product samples (their size and number are specified depending on the type of products).

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