Mandatory Certificate of Compliance with GOST R

By implementing products and providing services to the public, it is necessary to have relevant documents which authorize such activities. In the absence of authorization documents, it is necessary to undergo certification.

This procedure is carried out under a strictly defined scheme, which initially involves thorough examination of a set of documents submitted to the relevant authorities. After that, experts of the certification department and laboratory experts should carefully study the description, technical, operational and manufacturing characteristics as well as the product samples submitted. That is a procedure of verifying compliance of a product with the necessary standards. This verification results in the Certificate of Compliance.

Required Documents

The certification procedure obliges the applicants to submit certain documents. They shall disclose the following information:

  • Name (full), current legal address of the manufacturer;
  • Production documents for manufacturing products (if the manufacturer is Russian);
  • Invoice and contract certifying compliance of the consignment of goods for delivery to the Russian Federation; (which are necessary to execute the Certificate in the name of the seller);
  • Registration data of the holder of the Certificate (for the Russian companies);
  • Documents certifying previous certification (if any);
  • Other information and documents necessary for submission in accordance with the law.

You may learn more about Certificate of Compliance with GOST R and ask more questions in any convenient manner. You may call

8 (812) 424-56-52


You may learn more about Certificate of Compliance with GOST R and ask more questions in any convenient manner. You

8 (812) 424-56-52


Goods Subject to Obligatory Certification

There is a specific list of products and services, manufacturers or retailers of which have to undergo the procedure of mandatory certification. For such products, the Government of the Russian Federation has developed and approved a list fixed by Resolution No 982 dated December 1, 2009 which identifies all the regulatory standards and GOSTs obligatory to comply with when performing mandatory certification. If a service and/or a product is not on the list, it is not subject to the mandatory procedure and may be certified voluntarily by the manufacturer's (seller’s) initiative.

List of Products Subject to Mandatory Certification

Procedure for Mandatory Certification of Products

This efficient process is carried out according to standard unified schemes. Choice of a certain scheme depends on a type of products, a kind of consignment and some other specific factors. Obligatory certification is carried out as follows:


First, an applicant should file to a certification body a corresponding application for execution of the Certificate, drawn up in compliance with requirements of the current law.


The application should be supported by a set of documents for a particular product to be verified for quality.


Then, a number of laboratory tests and researches should be carried out in an accredited laboratory.


Based upon the results of test reports, product identification protocols, and a survey of the establishment, the corresponding establishment survey report should be drawn up.


Then, an expert of the certification body should consider the documents submitted to make a decision on issue of the Certificate to the applicant.

All the products that have undergone the procedure for compliance with the government regulations and standards are marked with a special Conformity Mark in accordance with GOST R 50460-92. Therewith, the numbers and letterings underneath the sign denote the number of the certification authority.

Upon completion of the procedure, the manufacturer and/or the importer shall apply the Conformity Mark of the National Certification System of the Russian Federation on the packaging, label or housing of the product. Therewith, this requirement should be observed not only for obligatory but also for voluntary certification.

Certification primarily implies that experts of the relevant bodies have verified the product quality, and this is quite a significant factor in promoting this product at the market. The Certificate improves confidence of consumers with the brand seller or manufacturer. That is why obtaining of the Certificate is not just an objective necessity. After all, in this abundance of harmful and counterfeit products, and incompetent provision of service, contemporary consumers are certain to choose a certified product or service. Thus, certification is not just an obligation, but also a great marketing direction.

In order to obtain the Certificate of Compliance for domestic products, the following documents should be presented:

  • Company details;
  • PSRN;
  • Company’s Charter;
  • Technical specifications (if the products are not produced according to GOST);
  • Product data sheet, user’s manual;
  • Shipping documents, including invoice.

For imported products, the following documents should be collected:

  • Constitutional documents, PSRN of the enterprise invested with a power of attorney (that concluded a contract for the supply of products);
  • Description of technical characteristics of the product;
  • Product data sheet, user’s manual;
  • Certificates of Compliance issued by foreign countries.

If necessary, some additional documents may be requested.

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